Now That I'm Blonde..Going To Try Overtone

I've never been a person to change hair colors often, I always had a rich brunette color. Which is my natural hue. I think the most drastic thing I've done was do an ombre haha. 

I've had added color to it like light brown to have it a shade lighter but it always washed out. It wasn't until two weeks ago where I got bored of my summer ombre and wanted to just go all blonde. 

All blonde. This picture below is a photo of the day after; silvery ash blonde....I fell in love with it.


Fast forward to present day see below; my hair has gotten brassy, more straw colored than what I would hoped. I refuse to-rebleach so I need to tone it down. And on the color wheel purple is opposite to yellow/orange. For my ombre I used Joico's purple shampoo. But I feel like after a while it just stopped working lol 

too yellow for my taste. 

too yellow for my taste. 


I've been doing a lot of research on toning your own hair with Wella and and using volume 20 as well. But I do not trust myself to do so haha. I will mess up my hair.

I've always wanted to try Overtone; its a vegan, healthy alternative of maintaining fantasy colors etc. From the reviews on the pastel purple I read a lot of girls were using it as a toner to keep your hair from getting brassy.

I'll do a before and after update once I receive & see how it looks. I ordered a pastel purple sample size and reg size, just in case lol 

Check them out! It actually helps heal your hair as well. Big plus!  

P.S If it doesn't workout I'll just dye my hair an ash brown lol I'm too lazy for trials and errors but I will try this overtone thing and see if it works before changing my mind haha