Ok - So I’m officially back from my sabbitical. 2017 had my life go from sucky at the beginning to everything just falling into place. 

Let’s reflect - 2017 you were amazing. The ups and downs I am forever grateful for because they brought me to sense of awakening of who I am and to live in the present. 

Lost my best friend, that was the sucky part. And the worst part is finding out the things she was saying behind my back and a bunch of other things I don’t want to bring up because even though it was a rough back and forth I genuinely forgive her and I myself recognize some of the things I said and I apologize and forgive myself. 

New friendships happened, got closer to certain friends. Got reconnected with my fathers side of the family.  

I learned to always put myself first. No matter the persons in my life. That’s was my biggest life lesson. I was always giving everyone 100% supporting everyone’s dreams, giving advice, being there for when I’m not there for myself. Ever since I was a kid I was always putting myself last before others but it was from underlying issues I had tucked so far back. I never felt more me in my damn life. 

Thats when everything started falling into place!!! 

Nurturing me, and giving myself space from everyone and everything made things naturally attract into my life. I was working as a freelance store design and visual merchandising coordinator at LVMH ; Dior Parfums. I was there a year. And really needed a full time job with benefits, since I had been taken off my mother’s insurance. And the first job I applied to I landed! Now I’m at Estée Lauder as a Global Creative Assistant. Which has been an amazing opportunity. Benefits and everything which is all a millennial could hope for. While yes, I get out super late sometimes but it’s worth it. 

After I landed my new job. Love came back into my life. It was slowly happening but it happened with me being in love with myself first. 

I tried a lot of new things. 

Went to new places! Hola Cuba! And hello Iceland!

I don’t know what 2018 will bring but I do know that ever since I started living in the present and enjoying every single day as much as I could everything will come to me. Of course not saying I won’t do work. But you know what I mean haha.