New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

I pretty much day dream everyday about leaving NYC. 

I grew up here, learned to maneuver myself through this concrete jungle since I was a kid. But I can't help but feel like it's been weighing me down. New York you made me but I want something different. More chill, laid back vibes. 

It's like the opposite of why people leave their small towns and move to " The Big City" "The Big Apple" "The City That Never Sleeps". I don't want to say there's nothing here for me because I'd be lying. All my friends and family reside here or in NJ. I'm close to everything, the MTA though faulty with delays and never ending construction, it takes me everywhere I need to go. My seamless is full of endless possibilities and my chopped cheese is $4. Dollar Pizza and Arizona ice tea was my middle school diet aside from gross school lunches. It is MY CITY. It raised me. 

But like everything in life, things do come to an end. I just have a hunger to live somewhere else, maybe L.A or even Seattle (it's close to Canada and Alaska a.k.a adventures all the time). I think about starting over, adding new friends and be in a new environment and it honestly it makes me want to just leave right now.

New York I Love You, but you're opening my eyes to a better quality of life in the west coast. 

To be continued...