Our bodies intertwined

late at night,

you hold me in your arms

reading my mind.

In the silence you hear my screams

the internal fire within my dreams.

You kiss my forehead

to keep me from bursting at the seams

that I try to keep close together

while laying down on this bed. 

I turn over as your fingers

lightly trace my body

goosebumps rise 

along my naked back.

We have an unspoken language

no one understands 

and here is 

my bare soul. 


awaken by your caress

and for a moment

I remember

how to.


in this second

I am free.


Literally just wrote this piece today at work. It just flowed out of me. I was going to keep it on the paper and take it home. But decided to type all out to share on my blog. I know it's been a while since I've posted.

Anyways enjoy !

143 xo