Growing With The Flow

I think many times in life what we want isn't necessarily something that we need. I've come to know this very well at a young age thanks to my mom. This isn't about material things but about things in life or people we want in our lives. Even goals. 

Sometimes life shows you and takes you where you're meant to be, surrounded with those at the time who you are supposed to be with. Relationships change, people come and go and one day you wake up and decide your dream career isn't what you want to do anymore. And that's all perfectly fine. 

You gotta grow with the flow, notice how I didn't say go with the flow. You can do that too but do it with the intention of growing and learning something from it, hence "grow". I try my best to keep myself balanced and see what's working and what's dragging me down. Especially career wise, I have no idea what I'm doing but I am learning from it. Every experience you gain knowledge from, you get to know yourself more and see what path you want to take. This of course requires patience, something I lack. I always want results now. But what would I learn from it?  

You have to accept that it's ok to let go of things, emotional, physical, and persons. Not everything nor everyone is meant to stay in your life forever and that's sad but it's life. Think of it as a lesson that person was meant to teach you in this life and they already completed their mission. That's how I always view things, I try to be positive about it. Everything in life is a lesson. That's why we are here. 

We are here to grow, observe, learn, forgive and move on.