Women's March? Trump? Voting?

Ok to clear the air, I'm all for women's empowerment, DACA, all the things that should be basic fundamental rights for both men, women, immigrants. 

Sure, I didn't vote in 2016 for the presidential elections, I got a lot of backlash for not voting from both family and people online. I did not vote, because I refuse to vote when those were my only options. People said "you wasted your vote" "its your fault Trump is president" "you shouldn't complain, because you didn't even vote"

First of all, none of those statements make sense. Second, I do care what happens politically in this country. The fact that our president is apparently mentally fit still shocks me. I will cast my vote when I have better options, if not, I will take the ladder. And I will not vote for someone simply because that person was not Trump.. see how bad that just is? It's not ok. 

Ok - I'm all for the Women's March, its amazing how it began. But I hate getting comments from people because I did not partake nor do I write all over social media with my feminists signs and shirts just to get likes on Instagram and Facebook. Most of the times I feel like the people posting aren't even truly for the movement, what are you doing everyday? Are you actively doing all the things you are protesting for? No, what I see are bloggers just doing it to get likes and get more followers.  I feel our generation needs to wake up and not just be active for that one day a march is set. Once the ball is rolling, keep the momentum, keep the fight, we need to do good for us as a whole. I hope we keep fighting for the right reasons. 

Just a mini rant? Thoughts ? 

Still love ya