Ever get the feeling that life is just pulling you into a million and one directions? 

Yea, all the time right? More than normal I feel like my 20's have been just that. Trial and Error. I pretty much have given up on choosing one thing that I want to do, there's so many different paths that I think that letting go and trusting the universe does more good than latching on trying to force something that may not be for you.

It seems as though the path to my career have just been ups and downs and trying to see if that's something I want to do with my life, or change careers and spice things up. The worst feeling is that you can only keep those thoughts and feelings to yourself because you feel like your friends and family will judge you for always changing your mind or that fact that you just go wherever the wind blows you. 

That doesn't really help. So from now on, I'm keeping whatever comes my way quiet. It's long overdue that I start keeping my thoughts and plans to myself. I usually get so excited that I want to share with the whole world but you eventually have to wake up and make choices of your own without the influence of others. 

Listening to your gut, and your inner voice will lead you closer to your being and to where it is you are meant to be. When you listen to the thoughts of others, sure they mean the best, and give you their biased opinions from their own experiences, but ultimately you do what's best for you and if you fail, its a lesson. You move on from that and you create your own experiences. 

Right now I'm just riding the wave. I really am a just go with the flow person. I do have one focal point but I'm not stressing about what to do and that I'm almost 30. I don't really care for the age. I'm doing things at my own pace, with my own decisions, and not looking at other people to compare myself to. 

Everyone is different, my path is not yours and vice versa. We don't have the same end game and long term aspirations.