Alas A New Beginning...

Hi everyone ! Welcome to my new site! Let's just say this isn't going to be the typical fashion and beauty blog, I decided to make this new blog with my name mainly because I felt I was outgrowing my WhoStoleMyShoes blog. I'm going to still have it up though haha just in case I want to go back to it. I feel like there's more to me than just outfit shots and makeup. So cheers to new beginnings !

I'm a forever changing individual with dreams and goals. In life there's obstacles and frustrations that mold me everyday to the person I'm supposed to be. Of course I will still talk about my addictions like makeup and have outfit posts but I can offer more than just that :) 

I also want to share my travels, things my girlfriends and I talk about and things on my mind that I want to share and have chitchats about what's going on currently in my life. 

I've been really pushing to have this new site up and running and I'm really happy to share it with all of you. 

P.S Stay tuned for my YouTube channel ! 

xo G