Women's March? Trump? Voting?

Ok to clear the air, I'm all for women's empowerment, DACA, all the things that should be basic fundamental rights for both men, women, immigrants. 

Sure, I didn't vote in 2016 for the presidential elections, I got a lot of backlash for not voting from both family and people online. I did not vote, because I refuse to vote when those were my only options. People said "you wasted your vote" "its your fault Trump is president" "you shouldn't complain, because you didn't even vote"

First of all, none of those statements make sense. Second, I do care what happens politically in this country. The fact that our president is apparently mentally fit still shocks me. I will cast my vote when I have better options, if not, I will take the ladder. And I will not vote for someone simply because that person was not Trump.. see how bad that just is? It's not ok. 

Ok - I'm all for the Women's March, its amazing how it began. But I hate getting comments from people because I did not partake nor do I write all over social media with my feminists signs and shirts just to get likes on Instagram and Facebook. Most of the times I feel like the people posting aren't even truly for the movement, what are you doing everyday? Are you actively doing all the things you are protesting for? No, what I see are bloggers just doing it to get likes and get more followers.  I feel our generation needs to wake up and not just be active for that one day a march is set. Once the ball is rolling, keep the momentum, keep the fight, we need to do good for us as a whole. I hope we keep fighting for the right reasons. 

Just a mini rant? Thoughts ? 

Still love ya





Ok - So I’m officially back from my sabbitical. 2017 had my life go from sucky at the beginning to everything just falling into place. 

Let’s reflect - 2017 you were amazing. The ups and downs I am forever grateful for because they brought me to sense of awakening of who I am and to live in the present. 

Lost my best friend, that was the sucky part. And the worst part is finding out the things she was saying behind my back and a bunch of other things I don’t want to bring up because even though it was a rough back and forth I genuinely forgive her and I myself recognize some of the things I said and I apologize and forgive myself. 

New friendships happened, got closer to certain friends. Got reconnected with my fathers side of the family.  

I learned to always put myself first. No matter the persons in my life. That’s was my biggest life lesson. I was always giving everyone 100% supporting everyone’s dreams, giving advice, being there for when I’m not there for myself. Ever since I was a kid I was always putting myself last before others but it was from underlying issues I had tucked so far back. I never felt more me in my damn life. 

Thats when everything started falling into place!!! 

Nurturing me, and giving myself space from everyone and everything made things naturally attract into my life. I was working as a freelance store design and visual merchandising coordinator at LVMH ; Dior Parfums. I was there a year. And really needed a full time job with benefits, since I had been taken off my mother’s insurance. And the first job I applied to I landed! Now I’m at Estée Lauder as a Global Creative Assistant. Which has been an amazing opportunity. Benefits and everything which is all a millennial could hope for. While yes, I get out super late sometimes but it’s worth it. 

After I landed my new job. Love came back into my life. It was slowly happening but it happened with me being in love with myself first. 

I tried a lot of new things. 

Went to new places! Hola Cuba! And hello Iceland!

I don’t know what 2018 will bring but I do know that ever since I started living in the present and enjoying every single day as much as I could everything will come to me. Of course not saying I won’t do work. But you know what I mean haha. 





New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

I pretty much day dream everyday about leaving NYC. 

I grew up here, learned to maneuver myself through this concrete jungle since I was a kid. But I can't help but feel like it's been weighing me down. New York you made me but I want something different. More chill, laid back vibes. 

It's like the opposite of why people leave their small towns and move to " The Big City" "The Big Apple" "The City That Never Sleeps". I don't want to say there's nothing here for me because I'd be lying. All my friends and family reside here or in NJ. I'm close to everything, the MTA though faulty with delays and never ending construction, it takes me everywhere I need to go. My seamless is full of endless possibilities and my chopped cheese is $4. Dollar Pizza and Arizona ice tea was my middle school diet aside from gross school lunches. It is MY CITY. It raised me. 

But like everything in life, things do come to an end. I just have a hunger to live somewhere else, maybe L.A or even Seattle (it's close to Canada and Alaska a.k.a adventures all the time). I think about starting over, adding new friends and be in a new environment and it honestly it makes me want to just leave right now.

New York I Love You, but you're opening my eyes to a better quality of life in the west coast. 

To be continued...




Tips On Finding Inner Peace

I've been in such an amazing mood ever since we got into 2017. I've never felt more at peace with myself and my life. 

I think I had a huge "Aha" moment in November 2016. I'm more accepting of situations and alternative routes to where I'm supposed to be in life. I've made a quick list of things that will help you bring a little more inner peace and happiness. These are things that work for me personally, might not work for you all but I hope you can find 1 or 2 things on my list that you can benefit from. Please note they're not in any particular order:


  1. Letting Go - & by letting go I mean, let go of negative attachments, drama, things that make you anxious and sad. That may include certain jobs, people, ex's. Anything you feel that brings you down whether you know it subconsciously or at the present moment. Let that ish go.
  2. Do You - Do more of what you want to do, stay in your lane, stop fishing to see what everyone is doing in their current path in their lives. We are all on different paths and moments. The more you focus on you and what you want out of life you'll see that things will slowly fall into place. 
  3. Check In With Yourself - I love this one, before bed and when I wake up in the morning the 1st thing I ask myself is if I'm ok? If I have any feelings such as anxiety or certain thoughts I can't shake off I ask myself why am I feeling this way, and why am I allowing myself to feel what I currently feel. 
  4. Meditate/Yoga - I love love meditating, even if I don't have time I try to sneak in 5 minutes or 10 in the morning. But in the evenings I do half an hour to an hour. People think that meditating is forcing yourself to not have any thoughts. That's not meditation. Meditating is letting your thoughts come in and out as easily as your breath. Set your intention and if you feel yourself swaying away, catch your thoughts and let them go, one by one. Yoga is great, I love that it's you and the mat, and breathing. I always feel high right after a yoga class or yoga in my room. 
  5. Surround Yourself With Positive People - Be with people that raise you up, be with people that don't judge you. I love hanging out with people I can just vibe with you know? Conversations with depth and that feed your soul. When I hang out with my girls, I swear it's like we are the ultimate she-wolf pack, raising each other up to be the women we are meant to be and our energies just flow together. I love being with people who I can talk with about everything and anything and be completely myself. 
  6. Do Not Take Anything Personal - Thanks to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, this agreement is the most realist advice I've ever taken. I didn't put it into work until this year. It goes hand in hand with letting go, But everything that people say and do to you - do not take that ish personal. Whatever they say about you is a reflection of themselves and their own reality. You know who you are, let people's comments and actions roll off your back. You're amazing. 


I will be writing more, sorry been MIA, been finding myself. 


143 xo


New Year, Evolved Me

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or back into safety." - Abraham Maslow

I am fully committed to improving myself spiritually, physically and mentally. That is how I came in accepting the new year. 2017.. I just think that's incredible, I'm both excited and a bit nervous to see what's in store in this new year. 

I'm totally ready for it, I have certain things I'm working on more and actually committing to. I'm going to surround myself more around people who are on the same soul journey, looking to find our way through the world. Looking to fully expand my soul, in loving kindness. I love meditating, and doing yoga, it's the one place where I feel the most connected to myself.

I've decided to stop worrying. And just let things be. I was reading something the other day and I saved it by Newt Scamander he said "My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice." which if you analyze yourself while you are worrying it feels like that. When you let go, fully and just trust whatever is bound to happen, will happen regardless. When you let go, you feel free, at first it is very hard, I still struggle with this because I get scared being on the skinny branch on the tree. I like knowing what's happening, and what's going to happen next. But, when I do let go and let things be, everything slowly falls into place. 

I accept that change is inevitable, I can no longer fear it, what's bound to happen will and I will grow through it. Holding on is nice, it's that comfortable safety blanket but I also have learned that there's more strength to know when to let go and accept the change. 

I'm done apologizing, I will only apologize if I have truly done something wrong. No more "I'm sorry" to everyone for every little thing. It's a emotionally draining. 

More meditating for me and executing a more mindful life. Being and living in the present moment, present experiences, emotions. It's such a simple philosophy but with social media, and being married to our phones we forget to sit back and breathe. Enjoying dinners without looking at my phone constantly, Each moment is a moment to cherish and all the negative that comes at me will be taken lightly. My world will not be affected by other's negative energy.

From the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, the 2nd Agreement has never been more true in my life. "Don't take anything personally" - Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering. 

2017 will be a great year. Trust me.

See you in the stars 

143 xo



Alas...we made it into another year. So far so good, it's been about a week or so and I've never felt more determined in my personal growth. I used to think that everything had to be a certain way, and people as well, the world around me. But as my previous post I've mentioned just growing with the flow.

Life has a funny way of sitting us back and making sure we check ourselves out. I've been a bit imbalanced since leaving my previous job, daddy issues, health issues, just a bunch of things that made me realize how truly short life is. 

I honestly love fashion and beauty, but like I said before sometimes you just want something more to feed you than just temporary things. More like an add of of what I'm already doing but to make me feel complete, I just focus on my inner child, positive vibes, and cutting off things that aren't healthy for me. 

Health.. that's a really big thing I've been silently working on, I don't really want to get into it, but it's a work in progress, my anxiety, panic attacks,my skin, and ovaries. Just a bunch of things that just accumulated over 2016 that  made me snap out of my bubble and see what actually matters in life. Me. My health. Family.Friends. 

Family matters, I have been working on trying to get closer to my dad's family but every time I try to get to know them and know that I have to be alone to get to know them, my heart beats so fast that I feel as if my heart is sitting under my lungs. I can't breathe, I get nervous, I cry. For reasons that I'm starting to believe that my inner child has not yet healed from the pain of not having a father in my life. I struggle with this some days more than others, I never really had this issue until this year, I guess it's something my soul is ready to deal with. BABY STEPS PLEASE.

Friendships, I honestly love all my friends. Even if we aren't in a good place, right now in this present moment. Forever and will always love you. Honest to god, being there for each other and seeing how far we've all grown professionally and personally. It's one of the things that make me think about how life isn't all bad. And we feel less alone in life, because we all kinda go through the same growing pains of becoming adults. All we have is tomorrow, and each other in the good and the bad.

Relationships, uh...Don't really care what happens. I enjoy where I am right now, it's nice, I'm fully enjoying myself, whatever happens, happens. Not forcing anything, just letting life and my inner voice guide me to whomever sits well with my soul.

2017 goals/resolutions? I have some goals, but I learned that when you plan everything out and make yourself believe that you have to follow that set path you had in your head, it won't always work out. I have a lot of things in the works, but I also know that there's different paths to get to where I want to be, and that's ok too.


143 xo 

Growing With The Flow

I think many times in life what we want isn't necessarily something that we need. I've come to know this very well at a young age thanks to my mom. This isn't about material things but about things in life or people we want in our lives. Even goals. 

Sometimes life shows you and takes you where you're meant to be, surrounded with those at the time who you are supposed to be with. Relationships change, people come and go and one day you wake up and decide your dream career isn't what you want to do anymore. And that's all perfectly fine. 

You gotta grow with the flow, notice how I didn't say go with the flow. You can do that too but do it with the intention of growing and learning something from it, hence "grow". I try my best to keep myself balanced and see what's working and what's dragging me down. Especially career wise, I have no idea what I'm doing but I am learning from it. Every experience you gain knowledge from, you get to know yourself more and see what path you want to take. This of course requires patience, something I lack. I always want results now. But what would I learn from it?  

You have to accept that it's ok to let go of things, emotional, physical, and persons. Not everything nor everyone is meant to stay in your life forever and that's sad but it's life. Think of it as a lesson that person was meant to teach you in this life and they already completed their mission. That's how I always view things, I try to be positive about it. Everything in life is a lesson. That's why we are here. 

We are here to grow, observe, learn, forgive and move on. 


Ever get the feeling that life is just pulling you into a million and one directions? 

Yea, all the time right? More than normal I feel like my 20's have been just that. Trial and Error. I pretty much have given up on choosing one thing that I want to do, there's so many different paths that I think that letting go and trusting the universe does more good than latching on trying to force something that may not be for you.

It seems as though the path to my career have just been ups and downs and trying to see if that's something I want to do with my life, or change careers and spice things up. The worst feeling is that you can only keep those thoughts and feelings to yourself because you feel like your friends and family will judge you for always changing your mind or that fact that you just go wherever the wind blows you. 

That doesn't really help. So from now on, I'm keeping whatever comes my way quiet. It's long overdue that I start keeping my thoughts and plans to myself. I usually get so excited that I want to share with the whole world but you eventually have to wake up and make choices of your own without the influence of others. 

Listening to your gut, and your inner voice will lead you closer to your being and to where it is you are meant to be. When you listen to the thoughts of others, sure they mean the best, and give you their biased opinions from their own experiences, but ultimately you do what's best for you and if you fail, its a lesson. You move on from that and you create your own experiences. 

Right now I'm just riding the wave. I really am a just go with the flow person. I do have one focal point but I'm not stressing about what to do and that I'm almost 30. I don't really care for the age. I'm doing things at my own pace, with my own decisions, and not looking at other people to compare myself to. 

Everyone is different, my path is not yours and vice versa. We don't have the same end game and long term aspirations.