Brunchin' in BK

Today, I finally went to visit a close friend of mine *insert Jose here* LOL. Anyways, he recently moved from Jersey back to the New York. And since I never went aka flaked on going to visit him in Jersey I went all the way to Brooklyn to pay him a visit. 

And WOW did he host the crap out of us. I never say no to food so was pretty excited for him to setup veggies, fruits, cheese, salami and prosciutto. Goat Cheese and toasted bread that was buttered in basil + chili flakes made my life.



Thank god I didn't eat breakfast I was so full and then they had the AUDACITY to introduce to me cuatro leches, think tres leches but with a 4th milk in it. HOLY CRAP. I'm mad I didn't take a photo of it. I was too busy not breathing and devouring it. Next time I promise I'll snap a photo and share it with you guys. 

I did eat a lot of veggies so I feel like there was a balance to that devil cake of a cuatros leches. See below:


No regrets here. Also - this made me notice how all my friends live in Brooklyn, Queens and NJ.